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Located 19 km north of Ilfracombe, Beaconsfield Station has the ruins of a revolutionary sheep wash which is listed in the Queensland Heritage Register. As it explains: "The remains of the sheep wash are on the bank of an intermittently dry creek; the dam that retained the water there was washed away in a flood. The visible remains of the sheep washing process comprise a circle of timber stumps, which supported the turning loop of the twin rails from the wash to the shearing shed and which encircled the draining yard. Miscellaneous machinery survives including a 61cm centrifugal pump made by Robinson Bros & Co. (patent 1882) of Melbourne, jets under which the sheep were washed, and the end of the pump with a column to a head of pressure.

It is important to the development of sheep grazing in the area that the property devised a sheep wash which consisted of a trench which was filled with water from a dam built across Brutus Creek. The sheep were washed in this trench by a combination of steam and scrubbing. The washed sheep were then transported towards the shearing shed by means of trolleys which were driven by steam power. The trolleys travelled along rails. Although it is nothing but ruins now it is an important reminder that in the 1890s this isolated area of Australia was at the forefront of wool technology. For more detailed information check out If you want to see the ruins contact the Wellshot Centre.


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