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Langenbaker House

Located in Mitchell Street, Langenbaker House is an early example of an Ilfracombe residence, dating from 1892. It is made of timber and corrugated iron and was occupied by the original family until 1991. The veranda features latticework made from hoop iron which was once used to tie wool packs. The house retains original furnishings and is in original condition. The story of the house is that Harry Langenbaker was one of the first teamsters to move his house to Ilfracombe. The Langenbakers settled in Ilfracombe and raised 11 children. In 1921, a tragic accident occurred, leaving one of the children, Les, blind. The house and contents were kept unchanged to allow Les to find his way around the house. The Langerbaker family remained in the house until it was purchased by the Ilfracombe Shire Council.


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