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The Museum, sometimes referred to as The Great Machinery Mile or the Lynn Cameron Machinery Mile, is situated on the northern side of the main road. It provides a timeline of the events which shaped the area around Ilfracombe with its displays including an old police lock-up used between 1901 and 1974, a meat house, the old manual post office exchange, a machinery shed with steam engines, tractors (including a Ruston Proctor Tractor), wool balers, pumps, graders, trucks, drays, buggies, a 100-million year-old petrified palm, unusual natural limestone rocks with a remarkably rounded form and other interesting memorabilia. There is the Steam Devil a huge excavator driven by three horse powered steam engines, which runs along one railway line. Made in 1880 and sold in 1882, it is the only one remaining. There's also a 12 tonne Stuart Tank that has been converted into a dozer, the first series grader made by Caterpillar in 1935, an early 1900 Lacre Light Truck and a 1914 Republic Truck. One of the old wagons on display was drawn by up to 30 horses and capable of carting 100 bales of wool (weighing 15 to 20 tons) to coastal ports including Bowen or Rockhampton. A trek which could take three months. There is also 'Oakhampton', a cottage which was once part of the 'Lyndon' estate. It is a typical station hand's married quarters and was common on large stations before World War II.


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