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Welcome to Ilfracombe Caravan Park

Located just 28km due East of Longreach on the Matilda Way, Ilfracombe Caravan Park offers shady powered van sites and comfortable cabin style accommodation.

Experience the sense of freedom and adventure as you spend time exploring the charms of Ilfracombe; you can’t miss the ‘Great Machinery Mile’, an amazing line-up of historic machinery stretching over one kilometre. The collection of machines leads you to the Folk Museum, a replica of an early station residence. Situated within the museum complex is Oakhampton Cottage which offers a tangible glimpse into early outback households and Romani Hall, a memorial to the young men of the district who answered ‘the call to arms’ and is dedicated to Australia’s Light Horsemen.

Ilfracombe was founded in 1891 as a transport hub for Wellshot Station, which at the time held the largest number of sheep on any station in the world. Visit the Wellshot Centre and learn about the story of Wellshot Station, one of Australia’s greatest sheep and wool producers.

Call into the Wellshot Hotel; an exceptional historic outback pub standing exactly as it was established over 120 years ago, it is well worth a wander through. Then to finish off your day you can relax in the artesian spa.


Ilfracrombe Caravan Park
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